Scribus generator - Can't open the generated sla file after running the script

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I am using scribus and I am using scribusGenerator to fill-in some variables.

The final sla is generated but once I try to open it I see the following error -
'Error occurred while parsing the file at line 48, column 64: Encountered incorrectly encoded content.'

This is the line 48 when I open the sla file in text editor -
<STYLE ALIGN="0" DROP="0" DROPLIN="2" DefaultStyle="1" FIRST="0" INDENT="0" LINESP="15" LINESPMode="0" NACH="0" NAME="Default Paragraph Style" ParagraphEffectOffset="0" RMARGIN="0" VOR="0"/>

The template sla file has 6 pages with images and text files attached.
Checked the log file and it does not give any clues.



Your file might be corrupted.
In such event I have used XMLCopyEditor (search for the download) to open the *.sla file (it is XML).
Then check  document is valid and well formed (options in top bar).
You might get more clues.