Font Substitution Problem

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I'm using Scribus
Opening an existing document I get the message:
Document contains fonts not installed on your system.
I select a replacement font and check the "make changes permanent" box.
The document opens fine with no font issues. There is only not font used in this document.
I save the document but when I reopen it I get the same message.
I went through the entire document ad cannot find the "Missing" font it is referring to.
Ran the pre-flight and it has no problems.
This doesn't really affect anything. It's just annoying.
Scribus could really use a "Find Font" option like In Design.


The font may not actually be used in the document, it could potentially just be a font used as default for text frames, or in a style you are currently not using.

Default font for text frames is my guess, go to the Document setup and check the defaults for the tools.


Thanks -
It was in item Tools - Text - Font