sharing files compatibility problem between UK and Nz and Windows/Mac

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Hi, I am trying to work with a partner in NZ.  She has a Mac I have a Windows machine.  We started with the stable Scribus verion 4, something( 6???...  not sure of exact number) but this didn't work at all.  We then turned to the NZ and Mac partner using 1.5 Scribus version.  This would not accept the 1.4 file I produced.  I started using 1.5.  The text came through OK but the pictures disappeared.

I imagine that the Scribus file only has a reference to the pics and does not contain them and I can solve this problem by sending her the pics in a folder with the same name.

I would love to know how to solve our problems  CAN ANYONE HELP US.  PLEASE!.


hi nikmel

with 'file' → 'collect for output' you can save the whole project with fonts, images...



maybe we need a FAQ in the forum as that seems to be the most asked question/problem :)