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Text does not center in circle shape converted to a text box


1) Create a circle;
2) Convert to text box;
3) Use 'edit text' to insert three words, each on its own line;
4) Center them;

The words are not centered. Rather, they 'stair step' to the left down the page. See example below.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


This seems to be related to text flow. Which is applied as default to the inside of the shape converted to a text box.I use the same word on each line to check how the text would center. The capital at the top of the circle was pushed to the right at the circular frame would be in the way and overlap with the text.  On the last line there wasn't this  issue as the baseline was the same for each letter.
Tried some editing using the story editor.. This seems to complicate matters even more. Will look into this a bit more. Getting all sorts of weird cursor movements (cursor keys work backwards in editing text in a converted graphic frame), to the return/paragraph character being part of the spacing issue. more in a bit

why not just use a square text box behind the circle

And make the circle transparent, right?

By square text box I presume you mean a Text Frame.

In that case, how do I remove the border of the text box?


OK. I figured out how to remove the border. This kludge may work!


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