Rotating document view without changing printer orientation?

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I've been trying to create an envelope template for my printer in Scribus, and am having difficulty with orientations.

To explain:

My printer feeds envelopes from the side, meaning that the print orientation of a document needs to be portrait (and all text vertically-oriented), but at the same time, this means that, to make editing the envelope easier (keeping the text horizontal while editing), the view of the document needs to be rotated so that it is seen in the program as a landscape orientation, without changing the printing orientation.  For now, I've edited the envelope as a landscape, and then changed the orientation and rotated the elements when I finished.

Now, there were some similar questions back in 2013 and 2015, but they seemed to be "export to PDF," which I'd like to avoid.  It's been 5 years, and I just wanted to know: is there a way to rotate the viewport so that a portrait-oriented document can be viewed in landscape, thereby allowing it to be edited easily, read easily, and printed directly from Scribus?



just work in landscape in scribus and correctly set up the page orientation when printing.

BUT: landscape direct printing is still a hit or miss... so you'd better first create a PDF.


Quote from: RodneyLee on October 01, 2020, 03:06:32 PM
isn't that jus a printer setting when you go to print?

Unfortunately, it turns out this isn't the case with Scribus.  Orientation is not simply a printer setting; Scribus explicitly ties the page orientation to the page's dimensions.  If you set the height and width to create a page that is wider than it is tall, the orientation will change to landscape.  If you switch the orientation to portrait, it will also swap the width and height values.


i cannot print from here since i have no printer attached, but i just tried the "file > print" dialog in scribus.

there is an "options" button and if i click it, i can change the printer's settings.

no idea what you are trying to do, but with a bit of try and error you should be able to set up your job as you need it.
if your printer has all the needed capabilities.

then you'll need some luck and hope that the job comes out as you have defined it. but you have already been warned on that: create a pdf and use a pdf reader to print it.