How do I find the transparent element?

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I am doing the layout for my dad's memoir. I am hoping to get it printed with Now that I upload the pdf, Lulu gives me this warning:

Transparency: We detected an element that may be transparent within your file. We strongly recommend flattening or removing any transparencies in your file.

What should I do now? How do I find out which "element" is causing this warning? How do I remove the transparency?

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if it's just a warning it may be fine to keep, .png most likely 


there is no .png in this file – and no transparency at all, as far as i can see.
if you export it as a .pdf1.3 and it still looks good, you're on the safe side.



euh, utnik, i'm not sure that exporting to pdf 1.3 and having a look at the output will really help.

if you export to pdf 1.3 you might get a warning that a specific element does contain a transparency, which indeed could help MOsMemoir track her issue.
but if you ignore the warning (or scribus does not detect the issue), as far as i know look at the pdf output will not help in any way...

or am i missing something?


hi ale

in my experience scribus doesn't flatten transparencies in a sane way, but if you export to .pdf 1.3, real transparencies will be set to full opacity – and that should be visible in the .pdf-file.



ok, i did a quick test:

- a shape with opacity < 100 % wills show up with 100% opacity
- a gradient with a transparent part will show up as full black (probably the other color)
- a png with transparent background will still be transparent.

... so you seem to be mostly right!


Quote from: a.l.e on September 14, 2020, 02:24:52 PM...a png with transparent background will still be transparent.

yes, but technically spoken, this isn't a transparency any more. the partly transparent areas of the .png file will be cut somewhere around 10% opacity (with a sharp edge between full opacity and full transparency) – the .pdf file will really be flat.