Quit Scribus via. Scripter API

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I would like to run a script via. Scripter API, and then once its done, to also quit Scribus.

Does anyone know if this is possible?




if you're starting scribus to run a specific script and then want to quit, there is a command line switch to get scribus to quit once it's done.


I looked at that api page high and low and did not see it, thanks for pointing it out.

Just tried it and works like a charm.


indeed, it's a bit awkward to have it in the dialogs sections.

we probably need a second version of quit that does not have anything to do with the dialog.

anyway, in the top left corner of the API unofficial documentation there is a search field: i simply typed quit in there and got two matches. one of both was the right one : - )
yes, i'm a lazy guy.


At the end of the script you could run a command through subprocess to kill Scribus process.
Or invoke Ctrl+Q hotkeys.