Need help with 2 column text layout please

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I am trying to format a book template using two column text. I just finished a book layout but it was all single column. I understand how to use text boxes and master pages etc. Ideally what I would like is to be able to format a master page into two columns and then apply that master page to my book layout as needed. I am unsure about linking the text columns also. Any help or tutorials would be very much appreciated as I am not finding much help using search. Thanks!


Master pages do not really work as you seem to think, they are generally just a passive background.

For 2-column layout you essentially have three options.
1. Use text frames set to 2-column layout
2. Use the scrapbook to place a copy of two text frames (one for each column)
3. Set guides for where you want columns, if I recall correct a text frame will me sized to the guides if you place it using doubleclick (it has unfortunately been a while since I last worked with Scribus)


3. that's sad, nermander : - )

otherwise, yes, a good way to do a two columns layout is:

- set the guides in the master page
- use shift-click to place the text frame inside of the column

the second step might need some more details:

- normally, you create a  text frame by selecting the text tool (if possible, with the shortcut "t" and click-drag the cursor to create the frame of the right size.
- but if you have guides on your page, you can activate the text tool and  press the shift key (and keep it down) before clicking in the area inside of the guides to create a text frame that will fit the area inside the guides (and page margins) around it.
- a further shortcut, is to use the next frame tool ('n'): if you select the last frame in the chain, press 'n', and finally shift-click you have a very fast way to create a chain of text frame in columns.


Ah, it was shift-click!

The reason I have not been using Scribus a lot lately is because my commitment in clubs I am a member of has decreased the last years. I actually started looking as Scribus when the editor of a club magazien wanted the club to buy her Indesign, because she could not make the magazine without it.

I and another member took over and did the magazine using Scribus for about a year, but I left the club soon after that.