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My file crashes Scribus


Im DTP’ing my book and today I made some tiny edits (disabled a wrapped text box and made some small text edits)  The file increased massively in size from 47000kb to 68000kb.  Now I can only get in after uber-long waits?

Im also having problems appending the file. Is it too large?

The file was created in version 1.5.5


I managed to get in after an hour wait.  I did a few more innocuous edits and saved again.  Now the file size has leapt to 110000 kb. Im too scared to touch it again. Any help gratefully received.

you might have hit a bug (iirc triggered by editing the items in a group without first ungrouping it).

can you try to use scribus 1.5.6svn ?


…and at least save a copy of the current state before you edit it again…

I tried an edit with 1.5.6svn and saved.  The size never increased but neither did it reduce to where it should have been.  Fortunately I had a backup of the former 47000 kb file so I used 1.5.6svn to do all the edits again.  This time the job got done without exploding.  Thanks for helping.


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