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rtl tabs and indentation

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In tabs and indentation the default direction is left and no other option shown, is there any solution to make it right, look at the image in attachment?

I am still waiting! :)

hi mghaleb

just put a tabstop where you need it (by clicking on the ruler). as long as this tabstop is selected (marked in red), you may configure it (set its orientation, its position, andselect a fill character, if needed).


while you wait, please have a short read,3681.msg17351.html#msg17351

in short: you need to define the tabs as if your text was LTR and it will behave correctly in RTL (but all rulers are wrong).

the question is: how should it work for RTL languages?
should we invert the content of the "widget"?
what should happen with the existing tabs, when one switches from LTR to RTL (and vice versa)?

if you or somebody you know can help with that maybe scribus can improve...
if you know somebody who could write a patch, that would be wonderful!

p.s.: what you are marking in your screenshot is just the setting if the tab itself will be a left or a right one.

btw, if somebody wants to help with the code:

here is a good place for starting:

the first step would be to draw the ruler inverted when the user is in text edit mode...


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