Page size and printing to the edge of the page.

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Ned F.

First question here so - thanks in advance for your advice. Here's the deal.

I'm a US expat living in Ecuador and trying to learn Spanish. One of the things that really helps me is to use flash cards. But, they're not a "thing" down here so I'm creating my own. I've set up an A4 size book. 3 flash cards wide and 6 tall to each page. Of course, when printed, the pages will alternate so that (for instance) the word "work" is on one side of the printed page and "trabajar" is on the reverse. Then, I'll just cut the pages into 18 cards and I'll be ready to go!

So I get it all ready and took the .pdf files to the printer. The result worked out great except that there's a margin around the edges. When I look at it in Scribus this is not visible.

What setting do I need to make sure that the finished cards are all the same size? As it stands now, the "outside" cards are all slightly larger (because of the added margin) than the inside cards. And - my document settings are for zero margin.

Thanks in advance - I have about 2,200 cards ready to go, as soon as I can figure this out!


Start with complaining to your printer.

It seems the printer has scaled the PDF while printing. And without knowing the amount of scaling, it is not possible to know how much to compensate.

You could make a test document with a 10 mm grid and print it. The will show the extent of the printer margins and if the printer is scaling things.

I often do this when I want to find out printer margins and find out if the printer really prints the pages centered. (I am talking about "printer" as in the device now, as in laser or inkjet printer.)

Ned F.

Thanks for the tip. I'm having it printed at a local print shop - not a real professional place but the only thing available. So, I'll take your advice and just make adjustments to the file I take them until it's "right". Thanks again.


What are they printing on? If it is just some high end laser printer, then maybe they are just printing from Adobe Acrobat and have set the print settings to "Shrink oversized pages"? That setting will always scale pages. There is a setting to print 100% scale.