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Where is my Color Swatch?

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I'm having difficulties with colors.  I wish to use my own colors that I have designed for my various files.  So, I closed all open files as instructed in the Scribus manual, then ...

* clicked Edit
* Colors and Fills
* created and named my colors
* created a user swatchOK, so far so good.  Then I went to my file, selected an item, clicked properties, clicked color.  But what happened to my color swatch?  It was swamped with colors that I don't want, and my newly created colors were nowhere to be found.  So, here are the questions:

* How do I get my colors into the file that I am using?
* How do I get rid of the superfluous colors?

Hi Ged.

Did you remove all colors before creating and naming yours ?
If not go to the color editor, click a color and then "remove unused colors", save your swatch again.

To get your colors in a new file go to color editor, get rid of all unused colors and load your swatch it's located below all system swatches.

good luck.

hi ged

selecting and/or creating color sets without an open document will set the standard for future documents. it doesn't change the colors of files you produced earlier. (the active color set is a part of the .sla file.) if you need those colors in an older file, you have to select your color set (if you saved the greated colors as a set) or to import them from another .sla file (produced after the creaton of your standard colors).


How do I delete my swatch and start again?  The delete button is greyed out.

hi ged

i don't know why this button is greyed out in your file. usually it isn't…



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