FYug primer sample images?

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I'm working through the tutorial, hoping to learn how to use Scribus.  I'm not extremely computer savvy, so I thought the best way to learn would be to follow the tutorial from start to finish.  I got a few minutes in before I hit my first major snag, which derailed my entire plan.  Trying to set up the cover page on the sample magazine, I couldn't locate the sample image TitleFX.jpeg, or the sample folder that it is supposed to be in, FYug.  I've been searching through Scribus, and throughout the internet, but no luck.  What am I missing here?

Lou Siew Hei

near the bottom of the page, right under the link
Get Started With Scribus
there is
click on this link to download the sample files, open it and you can find the TitleFx.jpg in the folder

Anyway, this tutorail is really outdated, I got to the template part, and then it took me a few days to figure out that the template Mr Niyam referred to had been replaced with Master Page.