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How can I size text to the same size as the text box.  No matter what font size I choose, the text remains the same size.


hi ann

Quote from: on May 07, 2020, 01:37:40 AMHow can I size text to the same size as the text box?

what do you mean?
there's no function to adjust the text size to fill the frame, if this is what you aim for. (the other way round – adjusting the frame height to the  content – should be possible, but has still some bugs.)
QuoteNo matter what font size I choose, the text remains the same size.

there are different ways to define (and change) the font size.

  • if you select a frame and change the font size in 'proprties' → 'text' (scribus 1.4.?) or 'text proprties' (scribus 1.5.?) the text of the whole frame will be affected.
  • if you select some text in the frame, the changes will be applied to the selection.
  • for bigger projects it's advisable to use styles ('edit' → 'styles'). if you need to adjust the size (or other attributes) you can do it in the style definitions and it will be applied to the text formatted by this style across the whole file.


Here's a caveat on that: If you are trying to resize your text inside the Story Editor, it's a pain in the bezinkus. In the Story Editor (which is a somewhat clunky beast) you have to select your block of text and then move the font size indicator only ONE SIZE, which will work. Then, to move it another size, you have to select it again. This is all because the Story Editor is a piece of work nobody wants to finish. Unless you have a later version which is improved, but I understood the Team to say they aren't working on the Story Editor.

It is much easier to change the font size using the properties window. If you want to change all of the text in the frame, you can just doubleclick inside the frame, and change the size to whatever you want, and it works! Unlike Story Editor.
If you want to just change part, you select the part before you open the Properties Window.

Pressing F2 opens the Properties Window. Then, you have to drill down into the text menu, and change the size, but there is no problem with this as in the Story Editor. Press F2 again and the properties window will go away.