Modified DirectImageImport script crashes scribus

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As a newcomer to both Scribus and Python, I have been playing with the standard Direct Image Import script, primarily to allow import of multiple images.  This now works but with a significant error - if you click anywhere outside the tkInter File Dialog window, Scribus crashes consistently, but silently.  Closing Scribus displays an Exception Access Violation window.  I don't know if this is an error in my script, a bug in Tkinter or a bug in Scribus, so any comments would be welcome.  Working environment is Scribus 1.5.5, Windows 10 & Python 3.8, but the same error occurs when testing with 1.5.5 on Linux Mint.  Script is attached - possibly overcommented and still with debugging messages!

[attachment deleted by admin]


Scribus 1.5.5 does not support Python 3 in any way. If you want to use your custom Python installation with Scribus 1.5.5, you have to use Python 2.7.x. Python 3 will be supported once Scribus 1.5.6 is released.


Thanks for that - installed Python 2.7.17, but still get the same error under the same circumstances.  So far, only tested on Windows.