Embed fonts? Make PDF smaller???

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313,815kb  vs. 32,072kb
new version vs. version from Sept 2019

I am a user. I just put together the second 16 page Journal for a Learning in Retirement group in Nelson BC (as a volunteer). When I updated software to the latest version of Scribus... wala fonts won't embed, yes I have Ghostscript on my computer. So have no idea why fonts won't embed. And the file size of this document is so large I can't even use Gdrive to get it to people.

Scribus has the potential to be a Great software. However if you are making it for regular folks like me to use some of these practical problems - like size of document - need to be resolved in an understandable way. I've been doing computer tutoring and websites for years so I am fairly tech savvy. And I have been trying to find the answer to how to make a usable sized pdf. I did compile four previous Journals in InDesign and found Scribus equally user friendly EXCEPT for the compression/font situation.

If there is a simple solution please respond. Otherwise I guess this not for profit will have to go back to other members who might have an InDesign subscription.

Sincerely, Lindy Flynn


hi lindy,

we have already solved many times, that one only thing making scribus hard to use and we did it alrady for so many people...
and still people come up and say that there is only one thing missing... : - )

now some facts...

ghostscript has nothing (or should have nothing) to do with the fact that you can or not embed a font in a pdf, when exporting from scribus.

there has been a bug in 1.5.5svn that would inflate the size of the .sla file... which version exactly have you being using in september and now?

also, yes, we know that smaller pdf are a good thing, but keep in mind that:

- scribus is made for a print workflow (but, of course, it can also be used for creating online pdf)
- it's hard to optimize the pdf size without risking to break the quality of the output.

this having been said, if you have a 10x increase in the size of the pdf there must be a reason. and you can probably solve it.
but it's hard to say how you can solve your issue, without seeing your computer, the .sla or at least the pdf!