Scribus download virus?

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Hello to all and thank you to accept my registration in the forum.
The first time I downloaded scribus was just two weeks ago from the official page.
I don't know why, but after the installation I got a virus called "segurazo", a malware which seems an antivirus. This is not a proof to say scribus to have a virus.
No problems, I removed it mannually.
I don't know if the malware entered into my pc by scribus' download link for windows 64, I am sure you are right guys.
But to be sure I need to ask you if the link in the official page are safe or if you had some problems in this way in the last two weeks.
So the question is: may I download scribus (great) from the official page ?
Thank you


that link looks like the correct one.

if you got scribus from the official site, it's unlikely that it's the vector of your virus.

from that page you will be redirected to sourceforge, which is a somehow safe site for downloading software.
if on that page, you only clicked on the scribus download it should be safe.
but if you clicked on other links on that page (it probably contains ads), you might have downloaded programs that you did not intend to download.
but, then, you will have had to install them too...

if possible, in the future, if you're not really sure that this is what happened, try to avoid writing in public places that some specific software might contain viruses.
you are not providing any evidence that scribus downloads might be "contaminated" but you might scare other people.
in this specific case, the better choice would have been to just ask if the link you have is the official download link.


Thank you a.l.e!
Yes I was wrong to write the post in this way, I'm very sorry.

I confirm what I asked for is not the proof Scribus to have any kind of problems and I want to thank you all for the great job you did for the open source community.

But I think my question could be important for all those users they need to be reassured about the question. So I think it is important to speak about that in order to have no dubts. Moreover all the people know Scribus is a good product.

Nice day!