Regular windows test builds?

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I notice there are regular updated to the linux builds via nightlies.
However for those of us stuck on windows, nothing is available.
Is there some way we may see a regular build of the development branch? Even if its only every few months?

Ive tried building on windows without much luck!



hi gibbz

on the one side, as utnik wrote there are builds for windows that are uploaded from time to time.

on the other sides:

- i can give you instructions for compiling on windows... it's imo a bit more complex as on linux but with those instructions it should be doable (i managed it... and i don't normally use windows).
- you can help us setting up a continuous integration for windows. it's probably possible to setup a workflow that produces an exe. there is probably more research as technical skills involved.
- you can setup a virtual machine with ubuntu (or any linux to your liking) and install/test the builds in there (very little technical skills needed here).



Oh great, ill have to test the new versions from there :)

What can I do to help with the pipeline?
The biggest problem I have is that I have a very slow shared internet connection at work, so setting up visual studio or qt on windows is almost impossible.
I have access to linux via vm and have setup scribus builds on there.


you can help by doing the research on how to get the windows builds and create the config files (and small scripts) for it.

i did a quick internet search for "ci build windows" and i found:

  we used to have the appimage build to run through travils so it might be possible to use it also for the windows builds

you will need to setup an account for the continuous integration  (CI) provider, find scripts used by other (free software) programs and adapt them for scribus.

once you have started, you might get help from other scribus users.

just as a reminder: kunda did setup the CI for scribus that is now producing the Appimage and he is not a programmer.
he also made sure that scribus can be installed through brew on macos.


Ah great!

It looks like circleci requires a github project, and also for the person setting up to be a member of a github organization.
Im assuming this is the one to use?


yes, is the unofficial copy of scribus on github.

for setting up a new CI you can work with your own fork with a "test" organisation, you don't need to be part of the scribusproject one.

but if you tell me, what kind of rights you need in the scribusproject organisation, i can see what i can do (i'd prefer not to give write rights on the code, though... not because i don't want to, but with "power" comes responsability...)