Monthly Calendar script

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Version 4 of the Monthly Calendar Script to use with Python 3 (for Scribus version 1.5.6svn)

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i've not been using a calendar for ages, and i'm only slightly interested in this script.
but i see that it's something many people love, so i'll try to give some feedback.

- in my eyes the UI is getting too complex
- i think that the most simple setting should be done through a simpler UI and use a settings file for the more advanced one.
- i would separate the code that creates the calendar from the one that shows the UI (two different scripts; one using the other one)
- i would use the current document instead of creating a new one.
- it's a bit too slow... there must be ways for improving the speed : - )
- i would setup a repository for its development (or add it to )

if you want to follow up on one or more of the topics above just wave your hand...