How to exchange a font in a PDF

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It's not Scribus, but I think here is this problem best discussed

I wrote my first book 1992 with Calamus on Atari TT.
About 2005, somebody was so nice to convert my old Calamus files from 1992 to
a PDF.

I used SWISS 100, but this font seems to be broken, the conversion to the PDF rendered SWISS100 not like expected.

At starting to write my second book October 2011, I changed from Calamus to Scribus.
I discovered Swiss_721_Black_BT.ttf should be most similar to the old Swiss100

Is it possible to exchange a font in an existing PDF?

Here is the PDF
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hi founder

theoretically it should work in acrobat pro. with the 'touch up tool' you can select the text. in the context menu under 'properties' → 'text' you can select a new font – but i haven't any experience with this...