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OS Windows 7 pro

Placing a white shadow on a text I now find it problematical to remove. I have been working on this for over an hour before coming to the forum so you can imagine the frustration.

After deciding not to use the white shadow I return to the properties<text pane to try and deselect the shadow.
Having selected the whole text I find that the shadow otion in the pane is not showing (image 1).

I then discover that if I just select all but the first letter of a paragraph then the shadow setting shows in the pane and I can deselect it. This does, however leave the first letter with a white shadow.

Selecting the first letter alone does not show the shadow in the pane despite the shadow being in place (image 3). The only way to remove the shadow, at this moment, is to delete the letter and then re-type the letter.

This is not the only issue because then, when working through a text, I found that sometimes I could select a sentence up to the first letter and the shadow seeting would appear in the pane but sometimes it would not. I am then having to slowly select through the sentence to find the part at which the properties<text<shadow button greys out, slip back one letter and delete up to that point. I then have to repeat the process paragraph by paragraph.

The simpler alternative is to delete the text box en-masse and then re-write the text.

What has been frustrating about what is happening is that there appears to be no consistency to the issue and that makes it difficult to find a solution. Any pointers here will be received most gratefully.

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hi jama259

i don't know how you formatted your text. your description reads as you first used a character style for the first letter and then decided to format the whole text with a shadow – but this time by direct formatting. if my asumption is right, you need to remove the character style from your first letters. otherwise i need access to the file to see what went wrong...