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Hello, potential Scribus user here and total beginner. Can Scribus create a document that enables a text box to pop-up on a curser roll-over or a curser action? Thanks.


Since in 3 months nobody has offered a more informed reply, I hazard the following:

Version 1.4.6 which I am using does not appear to have such a capacity anywhere in the menus.
Scribus is aimed primarily at printed output.
Popups are made for web content, and written in HTML or associated scripting languages.
I never saw a popup in print, except in greeting cards, where it is a mechanical trick.

You might try writing the function you want in HTML (or whatever script it requires) and import it into Scribus to see what it does. This is probably not a task for a newbie. Also, I think the chance of it working is probably remote. You might have to be one of the serious programmer types. You say you are only a "potential" user, so I say, forget it.

That's my two cents worth. I am a very low-grade Scribus expert specializing in idiot-level ways to work around software issues, and there are folks who post here who could give a more informed and technical answer, but perhaps they are all busy.


I see that Scribus 1.5.2 which I just started using has a menu item under

Item > PDF Options >

which offers two switches, "is PDF annotation" and "is PDF bookmark", with other
buttons for dialogues which allow adjusting the properties of these items.