After installation Scribus and Ghostscript not able to import files

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Good day to you all. I am a newbie. I installed Scribus on my Macbook (High Sierra) and got a message about Ghostscript. I found help on the internet how to install Ghostwriter after a Scribus installation. I did that and no more messages. However the import functionality is greyed out. I want to import an ai file.

How can I check that Ghostscript is working properly?
If it is properly working, what may be the problem? Apart from my ignorance  ;)

Thanks for your help.



Hi peterpine,

I always save my Illustrator files as .eps or .ps files v.8-10 and postscript level 2 for easiest import.  I never have any luck importing .ai files.  You might also try opening the .ai file in inkscape or xara and save as .svg file, older versions of illustrator also export to .svg but I run into import problems, especially if I used any gradients or pantone colors.