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through a long thread on this forum,2282.0.html

garry, nermander, utnik, myself and a few other scribusers have been working together to help martin create this proposal for a new scribus website:

people from the team are following the forums and i even opened a ticket asking for a new website

but we got no feedback.

as i wrote in the other thread, i wanted to "rescue" the proposal and i have now created a community website.

i had to simplify a few things, but i tried hard to stick to the proposal:

it's a grav ( website that is managed through github repositories:

the content:

the theme:

it's still on beta stage and i won't announce it on other channels until a few issues are solved:

- at least one current article in the news

does anybody want to contribute one ore more articles?

- adding the missing "showcase" section

a a minimum, i need the details that were missing in martin's proposal...
"as always": contributions are welcome!

- find out how to ignore the sub-pages in "contribute"

now, i'm sure that your question is: how can i contribute?

- you can of course post your contributions in this forum and i'll copy paste them into the site but...

- if you have a github account you can download the raw files (markdown for the content and twig for the templates) and make pull requests (or even edit the file on github itself and make pull requests)

- if you have a github account (or are willing to create one: it's worth!) you can create "issues":

- if your content is already online and want to see it on the site, just give me the link...

and for the ones that are bit scared by github... it's really not hard: if somebody asks for it, i can write a tutorial showing how to use the Github web interface for crating a news entry...


p.s.: the license files are still missing... everything is CC-BY (except when otherwise noted)


Quote from: a.l.e on January 09, 2019, 08:23:22 AM
thanks radu!

a/ eh eh... i've discovered grav multiple times, but never used it... in the last couple of month i've now done two projects with it and i have to say that it's a pleasant cms to use!

b/ for the forums, i guess you suggested the use of discourse. sadly, there is not much i can do there: the state of this forums does not justify starting a separate community, the split of forums has more consequences than just setting up a new website, and hosting a discourse instance is not trivial. and i don't see the team wanting to setup a new engine (even if -- behind the scene -- they started a rework of the wiki... so there is hope.)

c/ there is something you can do: i'm looking for samples of works done recently with scribus : - )

and since i wrote about it in a different thread but not here, where it all started, here it is, the (shy) announce:

i've now implemented martin's proposal on and, even if it's in beta state, i looks good to me!

contributions are very welcome both for the content and for the grav site. there is a list of task in the README's "contribution" section:

I guess this is the correct topic to answer, sorry for the off-topic

It also looks good to me, I only found some problems on mobile here and
I don't post a screenshot, it's easy to reproduce by resizing the browser window.

I agree, it hasn't much sense to start a new forum, but migrate this one (ofcourse if the admin agrees and decide to do it)... We talked about this here but here we are again off-topic

I mainly use Scribus for some amatorial work, I did a calendar and business cards with it, nothing special. At work I have to use other commercial software.
sorry for my bad english


i have opened a ticket for the issues with the buttons:

i will try to fix it as soon as i have some free time...

martin's proposal does correct, so i only have to copy over the same behavior.