Looking for Scribus 1.4.7 on Manjaro

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I changed from Kubuntu to Manjaro, recently, to take advantage of the rolling release model. I'd trashed my Kubuntu installation anyway, so it was a convenient time to make the change.  ::)

I was surprised to find Scribus 1.5.4 seems to be available in AUR despite, if I read it right, 1.5.4 not being considered stable yet - but 1.4.7 not available in AUR.

Is a 147 package available anywhere for Manjaro, or am I going to have to build it from source? Is that even a sensible move for a noobie Manjaro (Arch) user? Any warnings or tips about problems I might run into?


i guess you have to compile it...

or consider 1.5.4 being stable...

whatever looks easier to you : - )