Scribus vs MacOS Mojave

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Quote from: a.l.e on November 24, 2018, 10:46:45 PM
if you right click on the scribus icon and pick the "open" command you will be able to open scribus.

since you're not explaining what is failing for you, i really cannot give you any further help.

i can only repeat my question: did you manage to right click on the scribus icon?

I have the same issue. Right click opening doesn't work : Scribus launch is stuck on ICC charging...
Please help ! I need to finish an important job !


so, right click does work!

otherwise you would not get stuck at ICC charging!
you would not be able to start scribus at all.

i think of three possibilities:

- you have lot of resources to load and that takes time for the first run.
- one of the icc profiles scribus tries to load is leading to an error.
- you have an issue with your settings and should reset them.

in the first case: you should just wait.

in the second one, you should try to remove all the icc profiles, and if scribus then works, but them back one after the other until you have found the failing one.

in the third case you should rename ~/Library/Preferences/Scribus/ to force scribus to rebuild the settings...

it's hard to say more, without seeing what is on your computer...


Thanks for your answer.
I waited 1H30 for Scribus to open, but now it needs several minutes to select an object or to process any simple action.
Even scrolling the document takes ages !
Should I re-install or is there anyway to fix this problem ?  ???  :'(


are you directly opening scribus or are you double clicking on a specific document?

if you're directly opening scribus, you have a problem on your computer.

if you're opening a specific document, you have document that got too big during the last session.

there are several hints in this forum, how you can free some resources, and the "right workardound" depend on the content of scribus.

so, if scribus works ok without any document open (or with a new file), then you will have to disclose more about the content of your specific document.
if you get the problem with an empty file, then... well, we will have to further think about... but i somehow think that your issue is related to the specific document....


I open Scribus directly by right clicking : 1H30
I work on the same document I created before mac OS update, with no modification : any action takes about 1 min to proceed...


I also tried to reinstall Scribus... Same problems  :-\


i have never seen any case, where reinstalling the same version of scribus fixed anything.

you still did not tell us if a new (empty) document is fast and what could be that makes your document slow:

- many images?
- big images?
- long text chains?
- lot of pages?

repeating that you have "same" problems does not help here, since we don't see what "same" refers to.


My problems are the one I described in my second post.
As I said, I open Scribus DIRECTLY, without opening any file, by right clicking the icon.
Scribus opening takes more than one hour.... WITHOUT ANY FILE.
Then, when I try to open a file (scribus already running), it takes 10 more minutes...
And when my file is open, it takes about 1 min to do ANYTHING (select an object, right click, etc.)
The document was working perfectly on my computer before the Mojave update, with the same images, text, pages or whatever. The only change is Mac OS update.
Sorry if yo don't understand me, I'm french and I try to do my best to explain...


hi olibrius

did you try to rebuild the settings as ale described in his first answer to your post?
...his will often fix strange scribus issues.



Hi Utnik,
Thanks for answering.
I didn't try it yet, but I don't really understand what I have to do.
What file or folder do I have to rename ?
I can't find any "scribus" in ~/Library/Preferences...
Could you be a bit more precise please ?
Thanks again for your help...  ::)


hi olibrius,

the ~ in ~/Library/Preferences is your "home".

from your reply (as with your previous replies) it's not clear what did not work.

did you find ~/Library/Preferences ?
and there was no Scribus in there?

or you did not find ~/Library/Preferences ?

~/Library is a hidden directory and you can reach it with the Go menu (iirc there is a modifier key for showing the typical hidden paths in the Go menu...).

if you don't know what i am talking about, you should probably ask for help to a person that has more experience with lower level Mac Os tasks.
by looking over her shoulders you will learn a bit about it too : - )

you should not mess with the content of ~/Library, if you're unsure what it is about... since you could "break" things in Scribus or other apps installed on your computer.



I eventually found my ~/Library/Preferences/Scribus folder (I had to unhide folders).
Do I have to rename the Scribus folder ?
I can explain my problem one more time, trying to be cristal clear :
- Scribus needs 1,5 HOUR to open : I open Scribus directly by right-clicking the icon
- when scribus is finally open, it needs about 10 minutes to open a file
- then, it takes beetween 30 seconds to 1 minute to do any kind of action : select an object, open menu, right-click... everything takes a very long time to proceed.
This problems make the app unusable !
Everything used to work perfectly before the mojave update...
I hope you understand my problem with these words, because I don't know how to explain it clearer...
Thanks again for your patience...


I changed the ~/Library/Preferences/Scribus folder's name.
When launching Scribus, it created a new Scribus folder in Preferences, but it didn't solve my problem...



as always, you fail to provide (part of) the essential information in a clear way.

> When launching Scribus, it created a new Scribus folder in Preferences,

this part is fine: we now know that you successfully renamed the right folder!

> but it didn't solve my problem...

currently, the first issue you are facing is: scribus takes 10 minutes to start.
the correct information to provide us would have been: scribus still takes 10 minutes to start.

if the sentence above is correct, please start scribus a second time (the first time it might need to index resources like fonts!) and see if it stills needs so much time.

as strange as it might seem to you, if scribus needs 10 minutes to start (not on the first start after having recreated the settings!), then we don't really care if every action takes very long. that is to be expected.

for your information: from what you wrote it could be that scribus now starts in a snappy way, but it still takes a long time to open your document and every action takes very long.
your problem is not solved, of course, but in that case we would have made a big step forward.

you might not see why for me (for us) it matters, but, believe me: the hints we can give you are very different if scribus takes 10 minutes to start without having to open a document or if your specific document needs a long time to edit.

to be clear: here two question i'd like you to answer:

- does scribus still need 10 minutes to start when you double click on its icon (excluding the first start after you have renamed the Scribus directory in ~/Library)?
- and do other program start in a snappy way?

personally, i reiterate my hint to find a person in your neighborhood who knows how to check performance problems on a mac...


Did you read my 11H44 post ?
Scribus doesn't take 10 min to launch but more than 1 hour. I launch it again 55 minutes ago, without any file opening... it's still trying to open while I'm writing this.
What takes about 10 minutes is to open a file when Scribus is finally open...
Other programs look to work fine, as Gimp for exemple