Compiling scribus with qt creator

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How are you adding the setting in QT?
Is it a boolean or a string?
If I add an entry using the add button it doesnt appear in the CMAKE section.


i did not manage to get it to appear in the CMAKE sesion. i have no idea if prefixing with CMAKE_ will work...

but, yes, just adding as you did worked for me.
but i had to delete the current build directory and let qt creator create a new one.

i would be interested in knowing if it works for you and if it does, then we can improve the wording of the explanation : - )


Hrmm, I cant get the setting to stick in there in qt.

Under debug build I click > Add > String > Edit the <UNSET> fields WANT_DEBUG and 1
Click file > save all

Close qt creator, reopen and my setting is no applied. If i try and build without restarting, I get the not a debug build error.

Can you check if this setting is being written to a file somewhere? If i can change that file, I may be able to work around the issue.


eh eh... if i understand you correct,y that's one of the weak points of that dialog: i also needed many tries and help on irc to understand it:

you have to click on the "apply" button below the list...


awesome! Thats the button! Who would have thought the apply button was there! :)

Thanks for the help! Its all working now!


... eh eh... i've added in the documentation that one should click on the apply button...


Trying to get this running under the updated QT Creator....

Ive had to add the following to the file:
CONFIG += qt
QT += widgets

And i'm getting the error:
:-1: error: No rule to make target 'scribus/ui/test_xyz.ui', needed by 'ui_test_xyz.h'.  Stop.

Any idea how to fix this error?


Removed from the file got me past the error, the files no longer exist:

           scribus/ui/test_xyz.h \

         scribus/ui/test_xyz.ui \
         scribus/ui/test_xyzbase.ui \

           scribus/ui/test_xyz.cpp \

         scribus/ui/xyz.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz2.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz3.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz4.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz5.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz_dw.ui \
         scribus/ui/xyz_vert.ui \


Argh, still broken, stuck with some colorwheel thing... Not sure whats going on then....


the qmake file has been used many years ago to bootstrap the qt creator project... i think...

nowadays, you should use the cmake workflow.
(no idea why the qmake file is in the repository, really...)

instructions for compiling scribus with qt creator are here (for linux and probably for mac os):

as soon as i have the windows instructions ready, i will publish the three "development" document in a better form...



Looks like its building now!

1. I guess it helps to have cmake installed :)
2. Then in qtcreator I clicked open file or project > Cmake.txt

It might be a good idea to remove the qt creator files sometime. Its a little confusing :)


I've filled a ticket.

The reply is that the file is needed for updating the translation files.

We will see if something can be done...


out of curiosity: gibbz, what's your goal after you got scribus to compile?