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Coming from coreldraw, there are a few features for speedy workflow that id love to see added to scribus.

Resizing shortcut to scale on single axis - currently there is a ctrl+drag to keep proportions. Coreldraw has something for Alt/Shift + drag where it will scale in 1 axis from the center.
Another similar is ctrl+alt+shift to sale from the center of the object. Im not sure on the exact hotkeys here but one key modifies the scale from the center, and one limits to a single axis.

A way to have shadow connected to the image quality drop down box. Low could be shadows off, medium no blur, and high as the appear. For performance reasons purely as my documents are so slow with only a few shadows.

A single page at a time view, again for performance. In a multi page document, I only work on 1 page at a time. The other pages can get in the way also.

Click + drag copy. Corel has a unusual feature. If you click and grad an object (like move) but press right mouse or ctrl+c while draging, it will convert that to a copy while draging. This is a big time saver!


Resizing shortcut to scale on single axis

well, in scribus you can resize by pulling the handle in the middle of each border... you get the same effect.

Resizing from the center

personally, i sometimes use the feature in inkscape, but i've not really felt the need for it in scribus.

there are two ways, how you can achieve the same result:

- increase the size of the frame by a value or a % in the "edit" dialog in the "shape" tab of the properties palette.
- normally increase the size without centering and then center with the align and distribute tool.

in my case, the difference is that when i layout i have constraints on the size the items should have... while in inkscape (more similar to corel draw), it's more about feeling the proportions.
it's not a 100% clear cut, but i feel different needs in the different contexts and i'm fine if each software optimizes the access to different actions: there is only a limited number of (easy to type and recall) shortcuts...


shadows preview quality

good idea! can you open a ticket on https://bugs.scribus.net ?


A single page at a time view

i've seen recently, a proposition for a tab with a single page view. i'm not sure this is something that useful.

on the other side, being able to reduce the view to a single or double page (depending on the layout of the document) could be a better idea.

probably, it's not an easy task, from the way scribus has been built, i guess that it's hard to change it work even when not all resources are available.

but adding such a mode, might help to implement some optimizations that step by step, generally will speed up the whole scribus.

can you post a ticket to https://bugs.scribus.net ?


Click + drag copy

inkscape has this with pressing the space bar (imo a better shortcut : - )

it would probably not be hard to add this feature in scribus (please with the space bar!)... but i'm not sure that it's so useful in page layout... it's much more useful for vector drawing.

i just tried it out:

- if you change the duplicate tool to have no displacement
- you create one item
- ctrl-d to duplicate it
- move the duplicate to the new position
- ctrl-d to dupliciate it
- move it to the new position
- ...

the "small" difference i see: you have to release and click the mouse before and after you press the keys for the shortcut...
it's a different mindset, but (imo) not a big speed difference.
and, of course, you always have the multiple duplication dialog...

if you still really think that this feature provides noticeable speedup, you''re welcome to add a ticket to https://bugsl.scribus.net ...
but if there is a modifier i would see added to the dragging action, it's rather one that temporary enables/disables the snapping (to guides and items).... oh, that's imo something i should add to the bug tracker : - )


p.s.: and as you can see above, i prefer single topics to be discussed in individual threads...
it's not soooo imporant in this forum, but for the requests in the bug tracker, you should make sure that you have only one topic per ticket : - )

and, of course, thanks for the proposals... those are interesting ideas... even if i don't agree that each of them should be in scribus...