Problem with Frame geometry reference point

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I have only been using Scribus for a few months and so far have not had a problem I couldn't work out, until now.

I am currently working on a 700 page document and everything was fine until I had my assistant proof read and error correct.

Now the reference point for all geometry (XYZ) coordinates throughout the document seem to relate back to the same reference point instead of being set to each page.

To better explain, what use to be the case is that no matter which page I was on the top left hand corner of the margin frame was at 60pt X - 60pt Y. Now the coordinates are different on every page, and since it is a large document I have page with coordinates like -682pt X - 465730pt Y etc.

I have looked but cannot find a setting to change this!!! How can I revert the document back to the previous setting where each page had the same coordinates?

Thanks in advance.


hi jc

check 'view' → 'rulers relative to page' and everything should be back to the standard.