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Hi all.
I'm new to the forum. I currently have Scribus 1.4.6. I am working on a bi-monthly publication (trying). I have generated a text frame for a Masthead. I have tried to generate different text formats, heights, etc., but have not been able to get the format I want. Every time I try, it wants to default to Arial Regular at 12 pts. I want Felix Titling Regular. Some lines at 20 pt, some at 14 pt, some at 10 or 12 pt. Have not been able to. I even tried making a separate text frame for each line, to no avail. I have tried creating the text in the story editor and it shows the correct format. As soon as I hit the green checkmark, it changes in the text box to the Arial at a 12 pt. This has become very frustration. Can someone help?
Thank you,


I'm pretty new as well but would suggest you try creating a paragraph style for each one. Go to Edit when not in the text box and click styles.


hi mike

yes, to create paragraph styles (and character styles) via 'edit' → 'styles' is a good way to go. you should change the settings of the 'default paragraph style' to be used as your main text style as scribus uses this style for text input, as long as you don't change it for a specific frame or a paragraph.

...and i recommend to apply your styles by selecting them in 'properties' → 'text' → 'style settings'. don't use the 'story editor' for standard tasks...



Thank you all for your help.
It seems to be working now with your suggestions. I also have Serif PagePlus 5 and you just select the text you want changed and change the formatting, height, etc. Seems like a round about way to get things done in Scribus. It probably has reasons that I am not seeing right now.
Again, thanks for the help.


Mike, you can change the formatting of text directly by using the Text tab of the Properties Palette.
Select the text frame and change the formatting for the whole frame, or double-click the text frame, select the text you want to change, and then use the same formatting tools to format the selected text. This is probably more like you are used to doing.

Styles can be used to keep formatting consistent across multiple text frames - if you want to do that - but they aren't absolutely necessary, they're just very useful.

And to reiterate what has been said above, don't use the Story Editor unless you absolutely have to. It has some uses but, for most editing, it's more of a pain than a help.

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