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I'm new to Scribus, although i've used other desktop publishing software in the past. I'm presently using it to create the official documentation that will ship with the Chakra Linux live media. I need to figure out how to create hyperlinks; can anyone help? Also, is there a way to mount the properties dialog to the window?

Meho R.

1. Click on Insert Link Annotation on the toolbar (the last button on the right, with two feet).
2. Draw a rectangle above the text/element which you want to become a hyperlink.
3. Double click on the rectangle, and then define what type of link do you want.

More infos here.

A note: Since link annotations aren't bound to the elements to which they correspond, you might consider grouping to make sure that, if you move the element, the annotation gets moved too. Also be careful if you change text, your link might end up in a wrong place.