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Hello everybody...
I was working on a layout for a book.
At a certain point,don't know how it happened, my left pages appeared to have the layout of the right ones...
I checked the page mastro and some how the left page mastro was applied tho the right one and viceversa.
the problem is that when I tried to apply the right page mastro, the text frames were not in the right place...
Is there a function to hook the automatic text frame to the margin I've set in the document settings?


hi moresun

have you deleted a single page?
if so, if's not a good idea to do so, when you have facing pages. (always delete pairs of pages...)

in "page > apply master page" you can re-apply the master pages to multiple pages at once...


yes you got it, i've deleted one page during the process.. but applying new page mastro doesn't shift the text frame, as you can see in the image...

[attachment deleted by admin]


Off-topic Note: While the grid can be useful when drawing geometric shapes it should never be used for page layout. The grid should normally not be displayed and snapping to the grid should be switched off. Learn to use guides instead, they're much more useful for page layout and you can get Scribus to create them automatically according to your requirements.


Garry Thank you for you suggestions! I noticed the problem with mastro because i was drawing a square in a page with a scheme...  I have solved the problem by doing a 3 left or right arrow shift on every page... it was really important for the layout cause it's a book and I have to mantein margin for printings... ( sorry for my english, I never practice it..  :-X )