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So I've been creating this magazine for weeks now and i'm trying to upload it to magcloud.  First they gave me a template that i used and could successfully upload to their site but it would only let me do 12 pages and I needed to do 22.  For the life of me I couldn't get it to change to 22 or anything but 12.

So then I decided to not use their template and just manually do everything so i did the page dimensions correct with the correct bleed lines and so on but now when i try to export it be saved as a pdf there are no fonts to be embed which I guess there needs to be because I get an error when uploading.

Well, i'm now stuck and am desperately wanting for this to work.  If someone could please help me with either situation I'ld be soooo happy and relieved!!

Thanks, Julie :)


Ok, I figured out how to add pages to the template now!  woohoo!  Wish me luck that it works this time :)


nevermind.  adding the pages to the original template didn't matter.  still no fonts to be embed.  I don't get it.  Originally with this template there were fonts to be embed but no there aren't.  What am I missing?


ok, remember i'm a beginner, right? lol!  ok, i was uploading the jpg to each page instead of the psd files...i think i get it now

Meho R.

What actually IS your question? :)


Julie, you are uploading a PDF to magcloud correct?

Maybe this link will help you...