signal #6

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Here's a problem:
when I was making and editing a course just now, my scribus told me with a growing frequency that it crashed due to signal #6... I restarted every time and started saving after every little step (since after a while it crashed every two steps I took).

Now I've reached the point where Scribus is unable to open the file I was working on because every time I want to open that file it immediately crashes due to signal #6... even when I try to open an "autosave file" of 20 minutes before the final crash...

I am running Linux Mint 18.1 (Serena) Cinnamon 64 bit and Scribus 1.5.3

any ideas anyone? This is hours of work gone :-[



Know I dea whats wrong, its happened to me also, I opened with a newer version and everything went back to normal
I have been using 1.5.3  doing a 44 page phonebook, I opened with 1.5.4, re saved, now its not crashing in 1.5.3