Markdown import and if not a grep for search and replace

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Dear friends,

I have started writing a programming book that was previously written as Markdown fragments. Bringing Markdown into Scribus is pretty straight forward, but I would love to be able to remove all the Markdown cruft using a decent Search and Replace with GREP functionality.  Also added to search it would be such a nice thing to have character formating as well.

It is very tiresome to remove all the syntactic markup Markdown has.

Thank you.



for now there is no markdown import.

but you can get most supported formatting by going through html and odt.

you find attached a pdf created after

- copying the html rendering of
- pasting it into libreoffice
- saving to odt
- loading the odt into a scribus text frame.

this might or not meet your needs...


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Indeed, this is the right solution for my case. Thank you.

I would love to have something to make rules, just as in case of formating, to get automatic replacing of marked up text fragments. And this would be the proper moment to regret, I don't know Python...
In any case, a Grep search tot the Find / Replace functionality would be so welcomed.

P.S. This should be closed.


a good set of character and paragraph styles can help you replace the search and replace...


You could also use something called Pandoc to take your Markdown formatted file and convert it to docx then import it into Scribus. You could use Pandoc to convert it to a lot of formats you could import into Scribus or other programs.