Duplicating Master Pages

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Using 1.5.2

When I duplicate a master page, the content is not duplicated. I always get a blank page with same margins.  I know I can create then copy manually but thought duplicate means all content on page.



with the newly released 1.5.3

- i've created a new document
- opened the master pages manager
- set an empty text frame on the master page
- used the master pages manager to duplicate the master page
- i get a copy of the master page with a frame in it

can you try that?



Thanks for quick reply.

I had downloaded Scribus Version 1.5.3.svn dated 17 April 2017 and it also has the issue. I see there is a May version so will try that soon.

Update.   I confirmed it does work but the initial image of the duplicated master page does not show the copied elements.

If you select another master page to review (or exit Master pages view) and then go back to duplicated page it displays as expected.  Scribus shows an incorrect image at first and apparently needs to be be refreshed.  I can provide screen shots if necessary.

Thanks. Al