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I have created a book in Scribus and would love to make it readable also in other mobile formats like Mobi or Epub or such (whatever there is).

I may create a PDF and convert that to a mobile reader format - and it actually works, however I have problems with stuff like headers and footers (page numbers, etc.) which I would like to eliminate from the export.

Is it possible to export directly from Scribus to a mobile reader format? Which one?

Or... how would I go around and maybe define the headers and footers not to be converted in a PDF?


hello axolos

put all this stuff onto a separate layer and deselect it when you export the pdf.



no html export yet... but -- with a bit of luck -- it's planned for the first semester 2012...



While such export options might be coming, it's a bit of defeating the purpose of Scribus. Scribus is a page layout program. If you don't want to lay out pages you should use another tool than Scribus.

Why not write the "base text" in another program and then just import it into Scribus for the print version? Then you can convert the "base text" to other formats in parallel with the layout work in Scribus.


hi nermander...

yes and no...

you will probably fix some typos and apply styles in scribus. plus probably write some legends and other short texts.
you wont to get those into html / epub, too...

on top of it, the output for print and for the monitor has some similarities...

personally, i don't plan a 1:1 export to html, but more a semantic one.

the idea is to export the text with the text style formatting to html and css. with anchors for hinting the placement of pictures.

somebody is currently working on the "theoretical" work behind it... with a bit of luck i will be able to implement a first draft of an export script early next year (once she has finished her specifications and the scripter 2 will be integrated into 1.5)

on the other side, i'm not really comfortable with the idea of scribus becoming a epub editor... but: who knows what the future will bring us! :-)



Hello, a.l.e:

It's early 2012 and I'm hoping breathlessly for any kind of HTML, RTF or similar export from Scribus. As it is now, I can't use Scribus for what I do.

I format a monthly newsletter for print, but then I reformat it for posting on a website. The web edition has the same italics, bold face, paragraphing and drop caps as the print edition. Page layout, type fonts, etc. are not preserved.

If my DTP application can export each text frame as HTML, I run the HTML through the ex editor, using a hand tailored script, to create HTML with the tags I need. If the DTP application exports RTF, I can do the same thing with a different script.

If Scribus could export HTML or RTF I would be able to take it from there.

If I knew how to interpret the raw .SLA file format I would be able to take it from there. But that would be another topic.