Is OpenType feature Character Variants not supported?

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I'm continuing my testing of the OT features in 1.5.3 svc.  I have three fonts that contain the OT Character Variants feature (cv01-cv20), along with others.  The other features all show up in the Text Properties/Font Features dialog, but Character Variants never does.  Is this not supported?  The CV features are for Latin and Greek scripts (nothing exotic like the historic scripts in Plane 1) so it should work.


I also am having problems with the implementation of OpenType. This is still unresolved, and there is another problem that I have found (I do not know if this is just with the font or not, but this OpenType feature works in LibreOffice): the historical ligatures are not all applied (I am using the Italics version). At least the s-t ligature is not working (and I am using the regular s, for which the ligature is similar to c-t ligature, and not long-s).