GPick - cross application color management

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Hi guys,

I have a feature proposal and I just want to know your opinion about that.

I found a color picker tool it is called "gpick" and it is similar like Adobe's Kuler or the Scribus built-in Color-Wheel, but the cool part of this tool is the drag and drop feature.
You can drag and drop colors into different applications like Gimp or Inkscape. That means you can use gpick as a pivot for colors which you can use in different applications to use a cross-application color set.

The video explain what I mean.

Do you think it would be useful for Scribus as well to support such kind of drag and drop colors?



hi martin

i don't think, it's high up on a priority list. but it looks interesting (and could be handy sometimes) – if this functionality of dragging colors between applications is easy to implement, i would like to see it in scribus...