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I'm working on a document with a large number of unlinked text frames. My primary font is Tahoma, and as I didn't have a Tahoma Italics font, I was using Arial Italics when italics were needed. However, I've since obtained a Tahoma Italics font and would like to be able to change all instances of Arial Italics to Tahoma Italics across all text frames. Doing it one-by-one will be horribly tedious and time consuming. Is there an easy way to do this?



hi matthew

go to ,document setup' → ,fonts' and deselect arial italic, save and close your file. when you reopen it, a replacement dialog will pop up. here you select your tahoma italic and check the box to make the change permanent.

the better way would be to work (almost) always with styles (f3).
if you'd defined a character style with arial italic and applied it in the first place, you could easily change the style to tahoma italic and apply the changes...

direct formatting is a bad idea when working on multi page documents!


Greg P

As utnik says, you illustrate a reason to use Paragraph and Character Styles. This would still be a solution -- create a Paragraph/Character Style using Tacoma, then use Story Editor to apply this where needed.

If you don't mind using a plain text editor, you could save your document, then open in a text editor (not Scribus), and do a Search/Replace for Arial, replacing with Tacoma (or maybe Arial Italic, replacing with Tacoma Italic). Save under a different name at first, just to be safe.


hi matthew

Quote from: Greg P on April 04, 2017, 07:25:05 PM...create a Paragraph/Character Style using Tacoma, then use Story Editor to apply this ...

the story editor is useless for character styles, but you can apply them in the frame with 'properties' (f2) → 'text' → 'style settings'.



You should theoretically also be able to use Search/Replace to change from one font to another but you would have to do this on a frame-by-frame basis (or with frames in a chain) as it doesn't work at a document level.

I say "theoretically" because sometimes Scribus enters a non-responsive mode. It seems to work okay with short amounts of text (e.g. single paragraphs) but it doesn't seem to handle long texts very well. Save your work before trying it.