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Another dumb question for you helpful people from Mr Impatient here:

Importing Styles - how does that work?

I have a MS Word doc for instance with loads of designated styles for different headings and content levels, can I import the styles? I don't want to go through them all setting spacings and fonts and I'm not sure I know what kern and condensing are (yet). I have found the Style Manager and the Import button but so far have not managed to import anything.


Tim W

Scribus Version 1.4.0.rc5
18 June 2011
Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows
Using Ghostscript version 9.04


No, Scribus can not import styles from MS Word.

If you however import text from an Open Office document Scribus will create styles for that text.

So, you can open the MS Word document in OO, make sure there is text using all the styles (I am not sure if that is necessary, but I don't think Scribus will import unused styles) and save as ODT. The create a Scribus document, import the ODT file, and save the Scribus document. The you can import styles from that document into the document you are working on.

I would do som testing first to see what styles get imported and how they are named (I have never tried importing ODT files).


So the IMPORT button in Style Manager is for importing from other .sla files, but styles are automatically brought in with .odt files.

I followed your instructions and basically it works, although with a couple of unexpected results. Thanks.

Tim W


Actually it's beginning to do my head in now trying to get styles to work in my document. I am going to start again with a fresh odt document and see how we go.