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I am a fresh convert from Inkscape. Scribus seems a better tool to create my new pricelist booklet.
I have a basic question which refers to the handling of text boxes and distribution.
Inkscape considers the text as the visible characters when distributing multiple text boxes.
Seems that scribus is taking the overall box that contains the text when distributing.
Since resizing the text boxes is a hit and miss affair, with the text vanishing if you nudge the box a little to far.

How can I do a vertical (or horizontal) distribute that respects the actual text.

many thanks in advance your your help


Dear Core,

I don't know if earlier versions of Scribus have exactly the same functions, but in 1.5.1 it seems to work pretty well. I looked at an earlier version, 1.4.xxx  and the functionality looks just about the same.

The trick I believe you want is to use aligning frames is to use the Align and distribute tool. Look under windows>> "align and distribute".

Select all your text frames and then go to the align tab. Make sure that you select align by moving - not by resizing. Perhaps the align by resizing is messing up your text? If you make sure your boxers fit the text properly as you start they should be fine after you align them.

You will see a bunch of different buttons and if you ever over them you will see the options that they offer you. One of them is to line them up all the same
Vertical height - or y value. Another button will give you frames aligned to the same x value.

Once you have them all lined up on one side, you will want to distribute them evenly so that the spaces between them are even. Click the distribute tab and once again, hover over the option buttons. You should find the tools you to line things up in an organized way.