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Hi guys,

I'm new with Scribus, developing a script (attachment 'svg2pdf') to convert from SVG to PDF running the script from a web application and when i use a SVG with rotated images they disappears from my final PDF (attachment 'pdfFromSvg'). After some tests, i realized that when using import vector in GUI scribus application, the images was moved and not rotated at all (attachment 'scribusGUI').
Does any one knows some way to resolved that problem ? I searched from similar problems and solutions, but i could not find any.
My SVG was created from Inkscape and it works fine when i opened there. The reason with i'm using Scribus instead of Inkscape its because the PDF generated from Inkscape has a bug in images adding black lines all around them and with Scribus i can export with CMYK colorspace.

I'm using Windows 8.1 with Scribus version 1.5.2.

Dario Mendes

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the svg you uploaded does indeed not import correctly into scribus.

this might or not be "normal".

it depends on what effects you applied to the image in inkscape.

the best is if you can post a simpler sample to the bug tracker( that shows the one problem (as an example a simple embedded image (a square?) that loads correctly and a copy of it with an effect applied that does not load correcty; in the same svg file)


Thanks for your help a.l.e,

I realized that this issue is only with images, when i import the SVG with a rectangle, for example, this will not happen.
I followed your advice to report the issue in bug tracker ( with a simple example of two images, one normal and another rotated.

Dario Mendes



well done.

i've added a note to make it more clear, that the rectangles are image frames...