Applieed master pages but I cannot enter data

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I use Ubuntu 14.04 x64 and Scribus 1.4.6, which is the distribution release.  I have several master pages.  One master page contains some graphic boxes and associated text boxes.  I applied that master page to a page, and I can not edit the boxes, either image or text.  If I click on them, nothing happens. The boxes in the master page are selectable.  What might this be caused by.  I am a novice on Scribus, so I may have done something incorrectly.


the element of the master pages are not editable on the page.

a different way of working with common content is to
- create guides on the master pages
- add (groups of) common items to the scrapbook (double clicking on the item in the scrapbook will place at the place it was originally, when you added it to the scrapbook).

ask if you need further help :-)


I've never used the Scrapbook before. I did take a look at that while trying to figure if there was another way to accomplish what I wanted.  I'm not sure I understand it very well.