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Is there any way to feed Scribus with a file for hyphens?
Hyphenation modules have mistakes, and sometimes there are different schools of hyphenation for the language.
In that cases the best solution is have own files with all potential hyphens for a text.
And hyphens should be editable control character - it should be possible to prevent hyphenation.

-- and-pl


From what I know Scribus has support for both soft hyphens and non-breaking dashes (look in the Insert menu).


hi and

iirc, scribus uses libreoffice dictionnaries for hyphenation... so you might hack yourself one on top of an existing dictionnairy and use a custom language...
but that's a hack...

being able to feed custom hyphenation files would be a good feature: do you know any (free) software that allows it? if possible while using hunspell?

and for preventing hyphenation, the only standard i know off, is to put a smart hyphen in front of the word. this will prevent the word from being hyphenated.
i've dont think i've ever seen a way to avoid the hyphenation at a specific point in the word. do you have an example?
and for the general case, i think i recall having seen references to it and patches in the bug tracker but i don't know what's the current state. it might come with the "complex text layout" (arabic) integration.... hopefully in the next few months!



I tested with Scrubus 1.4.2 such hack:
1. importing text
2. Extras -> Hyphenate Text (i.e. using LibreOffice dictionary)
3. Saving .sla file
4. then external editing .sla file (delete or add some soft hyphenation marks)
5. Open .sla file: new hypens are applied.

Maybe I should look into sources of hyphenation dictionary and modify it for my needs. It would be greate to hack Libreoffice dictionary. But less work for me to feed from files.
Anyway, for now I have to check differences between LibreOffice hyphenation and grammar.

I would like to request two new features in Scribus: feeding hyphens from a file (as overwriting LibreOffice hyphenation) and double hyphens (in Polish there are words connected with hyphen, and when hyphenated a hyphen should be repeated at the begining of the next line)
-- and-pl