Trouble recognising installed fonts

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I am using Scribus 1.4.6 on Fedora 24 and have used Scribus over a number of versions and a number of releases of Fedora.

Since upgrading to Fedora 24 (which brought in Scribus 1.4.6), Scribus has had trouble recognising all the fonts I have installed on my machine.

I use gnu FreeMono, FreeSans and FreeSerif as the main fonts in a newsletter I have published every month for the last three years. When I opened Scribus I saw a dialog telling me FreeMono etc. were not installed and asking me to select a replacement. I browsed the list of alternatives in the drop-down list and found FreeMono etc. Naturally, I selected these fonts and proceeded, but the document then came up with little rectangles where the characters should be.

I looked under Preferences and found the FreeMono, FreeSerif and FreeSans families all now having a Family setting of  Android Emoji. As this font is nowhere near FreeMono etc. in any list sort, I am puzzled how it occurred.

Closing and reopening Scribus had no effect. Renaming my .scribus to force Scribus to create a new copy did not work. Editing checkfonts.xml showed the FreeMono etc. fonts assigned to the path for Android Emoji. I hand-patched these entries to reflect the correct font paths then restarted Scribus. This time, I was presented with a dialog telling me Times New Roman was not installed, but again it appeared in the drop-down list. When the Scribus main window appeared, I selected to open the same document I had originally had trouble with and this time everything had returned to normal.

I looked at fonts in Preferences and found all the Free* fonts and the Times New Roman Regular font all now set to the correct font paths. At the same time I noticed many fonts listed but without a tick in the 'Use Font' column.

For now my setup is working OK, but I would like to know what has gone wrong and how to fix it, if possible.

Cheers, Doug.