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pdf created from sla doesn't show images

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This has been working for me before but now, using the same sla, the exported pdf is missing the images. Everything else is there. Wierd. What could I have done to stop images being exported? The sla is saved first and all the usual boxes are ticked in the export window.

Oh, I've just discovered that if I open the document with Adobe PDF Reader, all is present and correct. But when I open the pdf in Scribus, it's missing the images. Ideas?

Or, to ask the question in a different way. I've created a business card in one sla and a layout template in another sla. The business card (BC) has a number of layers. So I'd planned to save the BC as a pdf, then with both the template sla and the pdf open, I'd copy and paste the flattened card document into the template slots. Now that I can't see the images in the saved pdf, this won't work. Has anyone any ideas how I can copy a multi layer document in one sla to another sla? That would avoid this problem, which is so odd. It was working earlier, now it isn't.


Scribus isn't really intended to open PDFs.


While waiting for a reply, I decided to use a trick I read about in another thread.

I took the card sla and deleted each layer in turn, from the top, but chose not to remove the objects on it. That compresses things down a layer. Doing this repeatedly creates a one layer file, which contains all objects that were on seperate layers. I can then copy and paste this into my template without making an intermediary pdf. Works for me but seems clumsy. Why is there no 'flatten all layers' option? Seems an odd omission.


Why not use a Master Page for your template? Seems to me that's kind of what you are doing with the PDF.

From what I understand he wants to take a PDF of his business card and place several times in a document to get sheets to print.

So it's rather a matter of impositioning.

It should be possible to import the PDF into image frames to get the desired effect. Just don't forget to check the option to embed pdf/eps when exporting the resulting PDF.


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