Author Topic: Is there kerning short cut?  (Read 1599 times)


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Is there kerning short cut?
« on: May 04, 2016, 08:16:16 am »
Hello I really like the Adobe kerning short cut, where you press Alt + arrow key, and it adds or subtracts the kerning.
Is there a short cut for that in Scribus?



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Re: Is there kerning short cut?
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 11:17:52 am »
The short answer is, unfortunately: No.

The slightly longer answer is that Scribus automatically applies kerning according to the information supplied by the font itself (if kerning information is indeed supplied; some fonts don't have that information.)

You can apply manual tracking - Properties Palette / Text / Advanced Settings - but that's not the same thing and there's no shortcut key for it.

Scribus has no manual kerning feature although you can use the manual tracking feature to spoof it by altering the tracking of individual glyphs (just select the character - not in the Story Editor, use inline editing - and change the tracking for that character).


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