Hyphenation dictionaries in 1.4.6

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it is my first post here but I'm using Scribus for about 7 years or so.
I like Scribus very much and have made layout for several publications including 5 editions of quarterly newsletter (12 pages) and one 100 page offset-printed book with lots of photos (kind of an album).
There is my problem.
I heard that due to some copyright restrictions Scribus package comes without dictionaries. I have a working hyphenation dictionary for my language.
After some try and error I managed hyphenation to work flawlessly in version 1.4.5. I thought that the success was to place hyph_lt.dic (lithuanian hyphenation dictionary) in /usr/share/scribus/dicts.
Today I just did an upgrade to 1.4.6.
Unfortunately the former trick does not helps and I lose auto-hyphenation completely.
The Scribus wiki contains vague information about hyphenation and I can't find any usefull information in the inet elsewere.
So I'm looking here for an advice on this topic.



Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Scribus 1.4.6 (installed from ubuntuhandbook1 ppa)