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I installed scribus-1.5.0-r3.dmg from (Mac OS X 10.10).
This version apparently lacks the possibility of opening or importing PageMaker files.
Then I tried scribus-ng (from the PPA) with Kubuntu (VirtualBox) - here Scribus opens  PageMaker files as announced. Shouldn't both versions have the same functionality?
Thank you,


Quote from: parkertom on November 30, 2015, 11:45:24 AM
Shouldn't both versions have the same functionality?

@parkertom I agree with you but that's how Craig, who's in charge of the OSX releases built 1.5
I speculate that it's because in 1.5.1 LOTS of infrastructure code is changing. So he didn't want to introduce that. I still wonder though why he didn't cherry-pick out the importer stuff that Franz built.

Well, there is a solution for you if you want one on OSX. You can run the Homebrew Package Manager and install 1.5.1svn bleeding edge, "HEAD". I created the formula for it. Since you are not afraid of VMs and PPAs why don't you give it a shot:
Instructions are at:


Thank you for your reply. Homebrew is not an option for me, as I already use macports - so I'll wait for the next release (hopefully) and use Kubuntu on VirtualBox meanwhile.


hi thomas,

as far as we could find out, at the time when the 1.5.0 dmg has been created, macports did not have the library for pagemaker files.
and craig is using macports for fetching the dependencies (as you are using...)
that's the reason why the dmg does not contain it.



hi a.l.e,
you wrote: "macports did not have the library for pagemaker files"
Does this mean that now the libraries are available through MacPorts?
Will there be a new dmg soon?



I was curious and installed Scribus 1.5.1svn according this tutorial:

...and it works!
I had installed librevenge and libpagemaker with MacPorts in advance.



hi thomas

on mac i use homebrew... sorry, i cannot check if libpagemaker is in macports... but it seems that the other librevenge libraries are, so there is no reason for the pagemaker one not being there...

and i guess that the next dmg will be when 1.5.1 is released.
no idea when it will be, though...

in the meantime, the best way to get the latest scribus running on mac is by using homebrew... but you already said that you don't want it...

second best is a linux VM... any linux and compile it by yourself or ubuntu and use the PPA... and you already have the PPA...

finally, if you have macports installed, you should be able to compile scribus from the sources... but i have not done in years on a mac, so i cannot really help you there...
(ok, this seems to be working for you! i still will post this for other who are not as brave as you :-)

lot of possibilities :-)
but no new dmg for now, sorry...


Yo Thomas
Fantastic! Glad you got to build it via Macports!
Make sure you try the new 1.5.1 iconset (see Prefrences)
1.5.1svn trunk is pretty stable even though it's considered 'unstable'.

This may be a stretch but you could create a HEAD macports port for Scribus based on your successful attempt to install it. What do you think?


"Make sure you try the new 1.5.1 iconset (see Prefrences)"
The 1.5.1 iconset was activated.

"This may be a stretch but you could create a HEAD macports port for Scribus based on your successful attempt to install it. What do you think?"

I don't know - I am really a newbie in this field - I simply followed the steps in the tutorial and, to my astonishment, it worked. :-)
So if you tell me (or point me where to look) how I can create a "HEAD macports port" I will give it a try.


10:28 AM   <Kunda> how does someone start to write a HEAD port in macports ?
10:30 AM   <anddam> Kunda: what's a HEAD port?
10:30 AM   <Kunda> the bleeding edge version of trunk
10:30 AM   <Kunda> so there is a Scribus 1.4.5 port
10:30 AM   <Kunda> but there is no Scribus 1.5.1svn bleeding edge port
10:31 AM   <Kunda> like a rolling release version
10:31 AM   <Kunda> or an unstable version
10:31 AM   <Kunda> not sure what you guys call it
10:31 AM   <geekosaur> you don't, basically. it's not a reproduceable build
10:31 AM   <su_v> it is, if based on a certain commit
10:31 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: You could do it for yourself pretty easily.
10:31 AM   <geekosaur> we have -devel ports but they're based on snapshots (which may be specific commit hashes)
10:32 AM   <Kunda> that commit can't be a moving target ?
10:32 AM   <su_v> (there are some devel ports which don't use a devel snapshot tarball)
10:32 AM   <anddam> Kunda: create a local repository and do whatever you want
10:33 AM   <anddam> the portfile can accomodates your need pretty easily, or sort of, it's still Tcl...
10:33 AM   <Kunda> here is a HEAD only homebrew formula to build Scribus 1.5.1svn
10:33 AM   <Kunda> so how do i translate this in to macport-speak ?
10:35 AM   <Kunda> hey su_v  :)
10:39 AM   <Kunda> su_v, what's an example of these devel ports you describe ?
10:40 AM   <su_v> e.g. gegl-devel, babl-devel and the various devel ports for GIMP 2.9
10:40 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: Take a look at this file: /opt/local/var/macports/sources/
10:40 AM   <su_v> there's one for inkscape trunk too
10:40 AM   <conundrum> And at this guide:
10:40 AM   <su_v> (inkscape-devel)
10:41 AM   <conundrum> (Used google cache since the MP site is not feeling too well right now)
10:41 AM   <conundrum> You're asking strangers to do work for you with no incentive.  If you do some legwork of your own you'll get farther.
10:42 AM   <conundrum> If you get a working portfile you could submit it back as scribus-devel (what su_v is talking about) and share the wealth.
10:42 AM   <conundrum> Or you could do it locally and only benefit yourself.
10:42 AM   <Kunda> conundrum, i was planning to help someone else get started.. but I may need to do legwork
10:42 AM   <Kunda> thanks su_v
10:43 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: I just did both for you.  :)
10:45 AM   <Kunda> conundrum, cheers :)
10:45 AM   <conundrum> Good luck!  Port files are pretty easy, especially if you're just looking to modify an existing one.